Baba’s Business – UPSC Ethics

In India, certain spiritual gurus are running big businesses which are directly competing with established multinational brands. What are the ethical and governance related issues involved in such businesses? Critically examine. (150 Words)

Spiritual gurus in FMCG market is trending these days, ethical issues involved in such business are:
  • BREACH OF TRUST & FAITH – Emotionally attached followers are being used to flourish business of spiritual gurus by donating in their trust and buying their products.
  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY of these gurus are at edge, since spiritualism appears merging with materialism and selfless guru appears to be profit seeker.
Governance related issues:
  • LACK OF TRANSPARENCY – opaque and unregulated fund & donations
  • LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY among these gurus– at times poor quality products are sold without certification.
But on the other side we will find that these spiritual gurus have given a boost to herbal or Ayurveda products, making us close to our rich heritage of Ayurveda. Their increasing revenue shows one cannot CHEAT for long, their products are good so they are dominating. Quality products prove their HONESTY & COMMITMENT towards people. These products are being manufactured in India (boost to make in India), providing employment to people and addition to national income; this shows their RESPONSIBILITY towards nation and the people.



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