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Citing an acute water crisis in parts of Maharashtra, the Bombay High Court has evicted the Indian Premier League from the State’s cricket stadiums. Is this decision morally correct? Justify. (150 Words)

The recent decision of high court to shift the venue of IPL matches due to acute water crisis in Maharashtra, which even lead to imposition of section 144 to avoid water riots has been debated making arguments that this shall not solve the water crisis. This action will not solve the crisis which is thousand times bigger but it sets a good precedent and a compassionate approach.
However, the court’s decision is morally sound because:
  • It helped in elevating levels of awareness at national level about the water crisis in this area. This shall help fellow countrymen both individuals and state government show EMPATHY AND COMPASSION ,to contribute in whatever way possible to help them
  • This decision brings to the fore the need for conservation of water and provides for development of positive ATTITUDE towards water conservation measures
  • Even though the amount of water used may be less but the very sight of water being used to prepare pitch while many in the state are unable to quench their thirst shall send a message of LACK OF SENSITIVITY on the part of those whom many in India consider as idols(cricketers)
  • Values of a public servant not only doing right thing but also appear to be doing the right thing
  • Multiplier effect of action by a senior public official,
  • Putting the basic rights of affected people ( Right to Water) before entertainment of audience
So the act is justified on lines of morality as the organising body of the matches is anyway not a government body and so welfare of people shouldn’t have been its first priority.



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