Alcoholism – UPSC Ethics

“Deaths caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol should attract the charge of culpable homicide, and not merely that of negligent driving.” Justify on ethical grounds. (150 Words)

Culpable Homicide is defined as an act through which a death occurred but it is not counted as equivalent of murder it attracts punishment just next to murder, whereas the negligent driving is outcome of carelessness.
The death caused by the driver under influence of alcohol should be counted as culpable homicide because:
  1. Acts committed by drunk people can demand relaxation of laws since they are not committed by them in all their senses. But at the same time the extent of taking someone’s life because of preventable reasons appears to be a transgression.
  2. Our law clearly restricts driving after drinking. For this various awareness drives are conducted on regular basis.
  3. Every person who drinks knows that alcohol makes them lose senses and driving should be done fully consciously. So decision to drive after drinking is his own, despite knowing that he is risking life of others and himself too.
  4. It doesn’t come under negligent driving because while license to drive was issued the instructions clearly states that drinking should not be mixed with driving. It doesn’t permit drunken person to drive. So when he was driving after drinking its completely illegal. (even motor vehicles act does not permit drunken driving)



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