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Examine the relationship between attitude and behaviour. Do you think training can change attitude of people, especially of teachers, politicians and bureaucrats positively towards weaker sections of the society? Discuss. (200 Words)

Attitude is a person’s internal pre-disposition toward any situation, people, society or anything. Attitude is hard to change once formed and changes slowly with active efforts.
Behaviour is a set of actions that an individual exhibit when dealing with other person, group, societies etc.
Relationship between attitude and behaviour is very fine and subtle to understand. While Attitude is internal component of our cognition (thought process and perception system), behaviour is manifestation or exhibition of such attitude. For ex. If someone have an attitude of showing no sympathy to poor and incompetent people because he believes that they are what they deserve. This belief is attitude and can be shown in behaviour as: not helping poor people, indifferent toward their apathy and misery even if they are in trouble.
Yes, training can change attitude but it will be slow and it must be self-sustaining practice. Attitude becomes relatively rigid after an age and changing it will involve self-introspection and realising right and wrong and accordingly changing it.
More often if in training teachers, bureaucrats are dictated to change attitude it will not be effective as it will be ego-attack rather, we should provide case study with thought provoking examples and various games to demonstrate attitude change



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