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“The difference between the fourth estate (media) and real estate is blurring.” Why should media be held to higher ethical standards in a democracy? How can we fight the ills that have crept into Indian media? Analyse. (200 Words)

Media is considered as fourth pillar of democracy because this is how citizens get to know about what other three pillars are doing. So an impartial, transparent and independent media is a necessity for a healthy democracy.
But these days, Media houses are controlled by corporate houses, MNCs, many political inclined corporate and hence there impartiality has big question mark.
Real estate sector has long been known for holding politicians and businessmen nexus. It is also a channel to divert, send and receive black money in huge amount. Real estate sector giants provide funding to political parties also during election time in the lieu of kickbacks during their power in governance by corrupt practices. Same practices now media houses are also found to be involved in where they are divided on the basis of their leaning toward political parties.
As said correctly “Whoever controls media actually controls mind and politics”. Hence, has influence in diverting the nation‘s emotion toward some ideology, political party, consumerism and attitudinal changing process. Hence media should be held with higher ethical standards in democracy. Major participants in forcing media to follow ethical standards should be viewers because media are based on their viewership, if viewer outcast a certain channel because it shows falsified and altered version of news, their feedback will be listened because, government can‘t regulate media for what tobroadcast.



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