National Farmer Policy

Objectives: To accelerate agricultural output, develop infrastructural facilities in the villages, promote value addition, expedite the growth of agro-business, create employment in the rural areas, ensuring better livelihood status of the farmers and agriculture workers and their families, discourage migration to urban areas and face the challenges emerging out of economic liberalization and globalization

Measures so far:
  • On account of the strategic measures of this government, there has been enhancement in the availability of certified/quality seeds.
  • India has great potentiality to produce hybrid seeds specially costly vegetable seeds on cheap rates as compared to the seeds of the other countries.
  • Apart from vegetables, the hybrid seeds of maize, paddy, pearl millet and cotton may be exported to SEI and African countries in magnitude.


Agriculture Minister placed 7 Point Programme to double the income of the farmers:

  1. Big focus on irrigation with large budgets, with the aim of “per drop-more crop”
  2. Provision of quality seeds and nutrients based on soil health of each field
  3. Large investments in warehousing and cold chains to prevent post-harvest crop losses
  4. Promotion of value addition through food processing
  5. Creation of a national farm market, removing distortions and e-platform across 585 stations
  6. Introduction of a new crop insurance scheme to mitigate risks at affordable cost
  7. Promotion of ancillary activities like poultry, beekeeping and fisheries



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