Nagaland protests

What are the Nagaland protests about?
  • The Nagaland government announced civic bodies’ elections in December 2016 followed by the announcement of 33 per cent reservation of seats for women.
  • Various tribal bodies including Naga Hoho, the apex organisation of all major tribes, have been opposing the civic elections, which were due on February 1.
  • Their contention is that granting 33 per cent reservation for women would infringe on Naga customary laws and tradition as protected under Article 371(A) of the Constitution of India.
What has happened since February 28?
  • A 12-hour bandh was called in Dimapur by several tribal associations on January 28. 
  • The violence escalated further causing death of two people and injured several others.
  • The situation got worse on February 2 as mobs set fire to the Kohima Municipal Council building.
  • The fire spread and damaged the adjoining transport authority office apart from some private buildings. Several government vehicles were also damaged.
  • Indefinite curfew was imposed in the city from 7 pm. The local government, on January 31, postponed the civic elections indefinitely.
What action has the government taken?
  • The violence and death of two people prompted the Home Ministry to send central forces to contain the law and order situation even as curfew and Section 144 continued to remain imposed in Dimapur and Kohima districts.

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