Indian Coast Guard – UPSC GS3

CAG in its report, commented that in an era of heightened coastal security concerns, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) remains ill-equipped to  discharge its enhanced role and meet the challenges of today.  Critically discuss. (200 Words)

Indian Coast Guard remains ill-equipped and is in dire need for upgradation in technological reach, personnel training and greater coordination with other security agencies like Indian Navy. This is essential for safeguarding India’s huge and vulnerable coast line. After the Mumbai attacks, in which the perpetrators used the marine route, greater need was felt and initiatives have been taken in the line but still remain insufficient as pointed out by the recent report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
The steps taken by the government in the direction include the following
  1. Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC) which will act as a single point reference interlinking the newly inducted coastal radar chain. The importance also lies in it being a joint venture between the Navy and the Coast Guard.
  2. National Maritime Domain Awareness (NDMA) – It aims to integrate several agencies to one fold.
  3. Training centers for Coastal Security Group
  4. Increased marine Police stations in coastal states.
  5. Navy and Coast Guard are coordinating more effectively in matters related to coastal security. Both have opened coordination under their respective jurisdictions.
  6. Govt. of India, under coastal security scheme have authorized ICG to purchase new interceptor boats, open more police station and increased its manpower capabilities.
There is a greater need for securing Indian maritime border by efforts from all ends- Law  enforcing Agencies, diplomatic efforts for greater cooperation among others.



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