Impact of Technology – UPSC GS3

Positive impacts of innovation in Technology:

  • With the advent of smart phones and internet, communication across very long distances has become very easy
  • Education has become more accessible with online videos and lectures
  • Services are being offered in a much better way. For example, we can book railway tickets, book cab for travelling, make reservations at hotels, reservation at restaurants and movie theatre from our home directly
  • Alert system on all smart phones about any calamity like floods, cyclone, droughts etc. to save the people and to mitigate its effects
What more can be done?
  • Innovations can be used in governance which will help millions of people and reduce the burden of man power significantly
  • We need technology to increase food productivity to meet the growing demands of population as it once did during green revolution
  • Health : Though technology has eased procedures, diagnosis it is mostly accessed by rich so affordable technologies is need of the hour



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