Should ecotourism be encouraged in India? why? Critically comment. (200 Words)

Ecotourism signifies tourism involving exploration of natural landscape as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves to enjoy scenic beauty of rich varieties of flora and fauna.
Experts argue that promotion of ecotourism is necessary to disseminate wider knowledge of nature, strengthening conservation efforts. It plays a significant role in empowering local communities by providing them alternative sources of livelihood. Further, resource generation by the way of ecotourism can be further invested in conservation efforts.. It shall stimulate commitment on the parts of forest officials in performance of their duties.
However, ecotourism is not free from challenges. Environmentalists point out that it hinder free mating process among animals. Crowded tourism aggravates challenges of waste accumulation, pollution and poaching activities. Displacement of locals for expansion of tourism projects is another serious issue.
However, complete abandoning of ecotourism shall not be feasible option. Adequate regulatory framework with efficient implementation of environmental laws should be pursued. Utilizing local expertise with comprehensive rehabilitation measure shall be
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