Eastern and NE Border – UPSC GS3

Critically analyse the role of Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh in addressing internal security threats that India is facing along its Eastern and North-eastern borders. (200 Words)

Ties with Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh are extremely crucial for India when it comes to fighting terrorism. The recent deadly ambush on Dogra regiment is supposed to be planned in Myanmar. National Socialist Council of the Nagaland (NSCN), has claimed responsibility for the ambush, however security agencies believe the involvement of other terrorist groups too.
  1. India and Myanmar: Not just the menace of NSCN, UNLF, but there is probably already set up of other terrorist groups in Myanmar like Laskar-e-taiba and Jais-e- mohammad. Several Rohingya Muslims have already infiltrated into India and living here as illegal migrants (after Bangladesh govt.  has banned their immigration).With such a huge population of Rohingya Muslims in India, it is obvious that terror groups would want to win them over in a bid to disrupt peace in India.
  2. India and Bangladesh: ULFA and the NFDB (S) have found to be operating both in Myanmar and Bangladesh with the help of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh. Porous boundaries associated with illegal migration are the invitation for terrorism. 119th amendment done by India’s govt will definitely be a positive step to stop this migration and thus terrorism. Combined training exercise of army of both countries should be started like that with Bhutan could also be a solution
  3. India and Bhutan: India and Bhutan enjoy 699 km of common border, which is  manned by the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) on the Indian side and the Royal Bhutan  Army (RBA) on the Bhutan side. RBA officers and army are also trained in India. So there is less intrusion of terrorists from Bhutan.
All these terrorist organizations work under the banner of different causes, but have just one motive. Cornering India through the formation of a Greater Bangladesh is their agenda. The problem is not just one, but several. All three countries need to work together and in tandem and if the same is not done soon then the problem could only worsen. Indian government has appealed time to time to Myanmar and Bangladesh in curbing out these problems.