Committee on Cyber Security – UPSC GS3

  • In 2016, 32.14 lakh debit cards were compromised in the cyber-attacks.
  • More than 700 websites of several central and state government departments have been hacked in past four years.
  • According to recently published Internet Security Threat Report, India emerged as third most vulnerable country in terms of risk of cyber threats, such as malware, spam and ransomware in 2017.
  • An inter-disciplinary Standing Committee on cyber security is being set up by RBI to examine various threats and suggest measures to deal with it.
  • The committee will suggest appropriate policy interventions to strengthen cyber security and resilience in a bid to strengthen cyber security system
Functions of Committee:
  • Review the threats inherent in the existing or emerging technology on an ongoing basis.
  • Study adoption of various security standards and protocols and also act as interface with stakeholders.
  • Suggest appropriate policy interventions to strengthen cyber security and resilience
Why needed?
  • In recent times, banks have taken steps to strengthen their defences against cyber-attacks, but the diverse and ingenious nature of recent attacks has necessitated an ongoing review of the cyber security landscape and emerging threats.
  • The committee has been set up based on the recommendations of the expert panel on information technology examination and cyber security headed by Meena Hemachandra.

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