Blue Revolution (Fishing)

  • Fishing in India is an important economic activity and emerging sector.
  • India’s fish production is estimated at around 12 million tonnes annually.
  • India has become the second largest fish producing and aquaculture industry in the world.
  • In aquaculture, India is second to china with a share of 6% in global aquaculture.
  • The fisheries sector employed over 14.5 million people directly and many more indirectly.
  • At present, Fish production contributes to around 1% to GDP of country and 5% to agricultural GDP of country.
  •  India exports one tenth of its Fish produced.
  • The contribution of fish from the seas has lowered now and the share is rising from inland farming.
Government Initiatives:
  • The Indian government has taken a lot of other efforts to boost up Indian aquaculture market such as
    • Integrating all the existing schemes under Blue Revolution,
    • Establishing  ‘Brood bank’ for commercially important species to ensure production and supply of certified broods to hatcheries in the country,
    • developing cold water fishery,
    • improving the manpower requirements of the fisheries programs.
  • Government has established a fund named FAIDF to boost fishing.
Way Forward:
Overall, fisheries is a sunrise sector having a lot of future growth possibilities. All the 3 sub sectors viz. Inland, Aquaculture and Marine fisheries have a lot of scope for improvement. The recent step of creating FAIDF is a praised step to boost the fisheries sector to the desired level.

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