Technology in Education

Role of Technology in education:-

    1. Technology Can Increase the Reach of Education:- VSAT can help in providing Tele education services in the hinterlands.
    2. Incorporating Radio/Television in School Curriculum:- This will help students in increasing their awareness about the events of national and international events.
    3. Technological Know-How helps in getting employment:-New industries especially knowledge based industries and IT-Industries are hiring personnel having knowledge of the latest technology.
    4. Technology Can be incorporated for Monitoring Purpose:- Technology can help in monitoring the education imparted in Govt. as well as private schools, Quality can be assured through this.
    5. Computers/Projectors/Slides/PPT’s:-All these can help in developing better understanding in students + 3-D models can be explained in a much better way, will develop the imaginative skills in students.
    6. In Line with the modern needs:-Digital education, e-learning are the need of the modern times and can help in setting up a platform where all major institutions and universities of the world can collaborate and globalise the world education.
Role of government in this regard:
  • Failed initiatives:
    1. Though Govt. has initiated many programmes from time to time, Example AAKASH Tablet Initiative to provide cheap tablets to students , though a noble initiative but failed miserably.
    2. Similarly EDUSAT was launched in 2004, which was declared failed by the department of space due to network connectivity issues, management structure and content generation.
    3. In the 8th FYP another initiative aka ICT@Schools, has not been able to produce much results even after 20 years of operation.
  • Successful initiatives:
    1. NPTEL , initiative by IIT’s and IISC has been very helpful for all those college graduates who have not been able to attain education in IIT’s , plus it has enhanced the knowledge skills, plus made IIT level education affordable.
    2. NMEICT and the Aakash project played a crucial role in normalising the notion of online self-learning, and thus that of the online, in the Indian public imagination.
    3. Emphasis of Govt. for ICT in education has increased awareness among the masses. Ex. RADIO in tribal areas, MANN KI BAT and other programmes in schools are working fine.
Along with these many new programs have been proposed and initiated like SWAYAM, SARANSH, Digital library , E-BASTA and MOOC , but the success of these will be tested in the near future.



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