Think Tanks


  • Number of think tanks in India has grown from 192  in 2014 to 280 in 2015
  • India has fourth highest number of think tanks behind the UK, China and the US
  • thinks tanks in India are becoming less influential i.e. the quality of output and level of influence in policymaking have been underwhelming
  •  bureaucracy jealously hold the policy reins
  • Lack of funding from sources other than government
  • The government-funded think tanks are not seen as objective enough
  • Skewed geographical spread.  Capital cities tend to attract think tanks.
Way forward:
  • Diversify the sources of funding. This has been achieved to a certain extent with the arrival of foreign private foundations such as Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Allow top foreign think tanks to open their centres in India
  • Limit government involvement and make these think tanks autonomous.
  • As the states now account for more than half the total government expenditure in India, the need for a greater number of think tanks in states.
Why Think Tanks are important:
  • Provide independent view to government
  • All developed countries depend on them for their strategic and policy decisions.
  • Special importance in international relations and propaganda setting
  • Track 2 diplomacy



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