Quad : Role in Climate Action – UPSC GS2

QUAD for Climate Action:
  • The Quad was born in response to a natural calamity, the tsunami of 2004.
  • It is unified in saving the planet from environmental degradation with economic development and sustainable growth.
  • Areas in which Quad can work:
    • Energy: 
      • QUAD can drive inclusive energy transition in technology, manufacturing and finance.
      • In terms of technology, QUAD nations like Australia, Japan and USA can provide technical expertise to aid energy transition.
      • The framework like International Solar Alliance, One sun one world one grid can benefit from this.
      • India is in a good position to provide manufacturing infrastructure to build these technologies.
      • India can thus replace China and generate employment at home.
      • But, energy transition needs adequate funding. Climate finance from developed countries of Quad to developing countries can help to move towards sustainable forms of energy.
    • Climate Action: 
      • Plans like building a new technical facility through coalition for disasters resilient infrastructure to provide technical assistance in a small island developing states and setting up of a climate and information services task force are good steps by Quad nations.

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