EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy – UPSC GS2

The European Union has released a new Indo-Pacific strategy for boosting economic, political and defence ties in the Indo-Pacific.
Why an EU Strategy for the Indo-Pacific?
  • The Indo-Pacific region is increasingly becoming strategically important for the EU.
  • The EU is already the top investor, the leading development cooperation partner and one of the biggest trading partners in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Together, the Indo-Pacific and Europe hold over 70% of the global trade in goods and services, as well as over 60% of foreign direct investment flows.
What is the aim of the Indo-Pacific Strategy?
The aim of the strategy is:
  • To strengthen and expand economic relations
  • To reinforce the respect of international trade rules
  • To help partners fight and adapt to climate change and biodiversity loss
  • To boost cooperation on health care so least-developed countries can better prepare for crises like the coronavirus pandemic.
What does the strategy say on Security and Defence in the Indo-Pacific?
  • As part of the strategy, the EU will promote an open and rules-based regional security architecture, including secure sea lines of communication, capacity-building and enhanced naval presence by the EU Member States in the Indo-Pacific.
  • EU will seek to conduct more joint exercises and port calls with Indo-Pacific partners, including multilateral exercises, to fight piracy and protect freedom of navigation in the region.
  • The EU will also intensify its dialogues with partners on counter-terrorism and cybersecurity.

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