Particulate Matter

The construction dust is now considered as a major health hazard to the public by health experts. Examine why. (200 Words)

With thrust on development of infrastructure, construction sector is in rise. Construction activities involve handling of fluids and solids (Cement, clinker, sand, gravel, asbestos, fibres etc.) are the materials in use of construction.
Construction and allied fields involve problems like: Injuries during blasting of mines, free fall during construction besides construction dust which is in alarming situation.
The ill effects, construction dust includes:
  1. Cement contains Ca, Sulphur etc. elements, fine particles of cement can enter in to respiratory system and causes choking problems,
  2. Asbestos inhalation leads to shrinking lung capacity,
  3. Silica inhalation leads to silicosis and which can leads to cancer, Indian states are already facing this problem (ex: Rajasthan),
  4. Caustic nature of these solids leads to irritation of eye and may result in loss of eye sight,
  5. Cement manufacturing is energy intensive process that involves burning of fuel, which increases suspended particle matter, flue gases etc…
Persons in proximity o f workers are also prone to these effects. these effects can be avoided by:
  1. Washing of hands before taking food,
  2. Special and separate clothing during work,
  3. Use of masks, goggles, respirators,
  4. Handling solids in slurry form to the possible extent etc…
Infra development is required but not at the cost of ill work force and hence precautionary measures are must.



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