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  • 1995: 31000
  • 2015: 1.02 Lakhs
“People-to-people ties between India and the U.S. have been more robust than state-state relations.” Discuss the causes and consequences of this kind of ties between India and USA. (200
There are broadly three types of relations between any countries. People-to-People (P2P), Government-to-Government (G2G) and third is Business-to-Business (B2B).
Among all, P2P is the strongest force which holds close relationship with any state or country in comparison to G2G and B2B. There are various reasons which can be seen as a more robust P2P ties between India and U.S.
  1. No linguistic Boundary: India being the part of British colonial rule for more than 200 years so English was inherited as it is and prospered and adopted by our constitution as well. Hence, Language never came in between the closeness and ties.
  2. Democracies: US is biggest democracy after India and having most of the rules and freedom provided by the constitution is almost same. Despite being cultural differences people love to go and mingle in America due to same nature of rules and regulations.
  3. Education and Research: In late 60s and 70s most of our intellectuals went to U.S. for pursuing higher studies and settled there with the families creating more harmonious environment for others as well. Continuously this trend was grown and It can be seen that in most of the research or academic facilities there are more number of Indians than any nationals in U.S.
  4. Globalization: It can’t be said that there is no effect of globalization on this. India and U.S. came closer after 1991 economic reforms. In that way more and more American companies started giving employment to Indians and hence the pattern is still growing and prospering.
  5. Cultural diffusion: There has been a more cultural diffusion such as one can’t neglect the impact of Hollywood movies and American TV shows are also being popular day by day. Pizza, McDonald and other foods and cuisines we can see in our smaller towns. It’s not only the impact our country but the vice versa.
These P2P ties have given govt. a leap to deepen its ties with U.S in other area such as defence, energy and strategic relationship, IT and Health. In my opinion, these all are well and good but India must maintain a cordial balanced relation with U.S rather than fall into the trap of varying foreign policies of U.S. Above all, India is developing country so it must make sure the interest of people should not be compromised on any G2G or B2B partnership going ahead in future
The consequences of which are:
  1. Strong people to people ties have spilled over into political engagement and strong state-state ties.
  2. Indian-Americans occupy certain important posts. They influence policy making to be suitable to India.
  3. Indian Diaspora is influential and their large economic and political clout helps.
  4. The presence of large number of Indians and the high remittances sent make indian government pursue good relations with America.



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