Pakistan’s National Security Document – UPSC GS2

Context: Pakistan has released its National Security Policy document which indicates that Pakistan has started looking inwards (domestic issues).
Key points related to India:
  • There is no demand for the reversal of changes made in J&K by India.
  • There is a clear emphasis on the economy as the main bedrock of national security. Pakistan’s economy is severely impacted by high inflation and Balance of Payment (BoP) crisis. Recently, Pakistan resorted to IMF for a bailout. Further, the threat from sectarian strife and internal separatist movements has forced Pakistan to look inwards.
  • Policy document emphasises more on neighbouring countries (Afghanistan, China, India, Iran) with no specific reference to western countries is a significant policy shift.
  • With respect to US, document says that it does not like the current reality where its ties with the US are purely located in counter-terrorism cooperation.
  • With respect to India, the document expresses that the current “Hindutva politics” in India is a threat to its security.

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