National Family Health Survey – IV
  • ¬†Points towards a consistent improvement in health related indicators in the country
  • Regular ANC check-up, TT injections, iron and folic acid supplementation among pregnant women has increased
  • Institutional deliveries has increased in bot rural and urban areas due to NRHM and JSY
  • Many states have achieved replacement level of TFR = 2.1
  • Progress in immunisation programs. Mission Indradhanush path breaking
  • IMR has decreased
  • Regional variation is there. Southern stats like AP, Karnataka, TN performed better that BIMARU states
  • Bihar, Manipur and Meghalaya -> High TFR
  • More focus needed on male/female sterilization as it the only permanent solution
  • Bad immunisation in MP
  • Neonatal mortality is an area of concern with high prevalence of asphyxia, sepsis, infection ,pneumonia and diarrhoea in the country
  • Points out problem of wasting and stunting especially in MP, Bihar and Meghalaya. This needs to be effectively addressed by better implementation of MDM, ICDS, Goiter control programme, iron supplementation etc.



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