North Korea Sanctions

  • In recent months, North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong-un had staged series of missile tests including ICBMs that appeared to bring much of US mainland into range.
  • It was followed up with sixth nuclear test on September 3, 2017 which was the largest to date, was claimed to be a miniaturized hydrogen bomb.
  • The US and its Asian allies argue that tougher sanctions will put pressure on North Korea to come to the negotiation table to discuss end to its nuclear and missile tests.
  • Russia and China, which are close allies of North Korea also are pushing for talks.
  • They have proposed suspension of US-South Korean military drills for freezing North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests.
New Sanctions imposed:
  • It limits on imports of crude oil and oil products to North Korea.
  • It bans exports of textiles, which is North Korea’s second-biggest export worth more than $700 million a year.
  • It also limits North Koreans from working overseas, which may cut off $500 million of tax revenue per year.
  • It was overall the ninth sanctions resolution unanimously adopted by UNSC since 2006 over North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs.



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