• The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) failed to harmonise the qualifying exam, making it fair while rewarding the brightest.
  • NEET is seen as elitist, favouring the rich, urban families.
Reasons for getting NEET pattern of examination:
  • Extortionist policies of private medical colleges
  • Students are admitted on their ability to pay rather than commitment to the profession
  • Weakening standards of high school education
  • Over 30 entrance tests for students to gain admission, making it highly iniquitous and stressful.
Reasons for huge protest against NEET:
  • Wide variance in standards between the CBSE and the SSC
  • CBSE syllabus focuses on science and math and encourages thinking
  • State boards focus on the rote method of learning and liberal arts, worsened by the non-availability of science, english and math teachers in rural areas.
  • The gap has widened further with most competitive exams based on CBSE
  • It implicitly denying students from rural areas and poor families access to professional education.
  • NEET was based on a CBSE plus standard, compelling even the bright CBSE students to take recourse to expensive tutorials for cracking the exam
  • In pursuing “high standards”, it is apprehended that the IIT phenomenon may be getting repeated.
  • Under the highly competitive IIT system, the majority are in the US or multinational companies and a handful in rural areas or government.
Way forward:
  • Enforce an acceptable standard of school education, making entrance examinations unnecessary.
  • Till that happens, the NEET must harmonise the test keeping in mind the syllabus of what is taught in state high schools and the CBSE in order to provide a level playing field to all aspirants.
  • Revive the old system of pre medical course
  • Medical students can be taught for one or two years basic sciences and brought on par with the knowledge levels required for medical education.
  • Given our commitment to cooperative federalism, allow states to have their own admission policies
  • But make an All India Licence Examination for registration with the MCI mandatory for those wanting to study or practise in other states or go abroad , alongside instituting the National Exit Examination.



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