Inter-State Water Disputes : Single Tribunal


Single Tribunal
  • The Union Government has decided to set up a single permanent Tribunal to adjudicate all inter-State river water disputes.
  • This single body will subsume all existing tribunals for resolving grievances of inter-State water disputes in a speedy manner.
  • It will be headed by a retired Supreme Court judge.
  • The Tribunal will also have more teeth as whenever it gives order, the verdict gets notified automatically.
  • Until now, the Union Government was required to notify the awards, causing delay in its implementation.
Benches for adjudicating inter-State river water disputes
  • Besides the tribunal, the Union Government has also proposed to float some Benches by amending the Inter-State Water Disputes Act, 1956 to look into disputes as and when required.
  • Unlike the tribunal, these benches will cease to exist once the disputes are resolved.
  • Earlier water tribunals took decades to deliver final awards into disputes, whereas the proposed Tribunal is expected to deliver its verdict during a span of three years.
Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC)
  • Along with the tribunal, the amendment also has been proposed to set up Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC).
  • The DRC will be comprising experts and policy-makers.
  • It is proposed to handle disputes prior to the tribunal.
  • The Union Government will set up a DRC whenever a state will request.
  • Most of the disputes will be resolved at the DRC’s level itself. But if a State is not satisfied, it can approach the tribunal.

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