Indo-Nepal Treaty : Need of Revision

Read about India-Nepal Treaty from Prelims Notes
Eminent Persons Group (EPG):
  • The EPG was formed in January 2016 by Governments of Nepal and India for reviewing the entire gamut of Nepal-India relations and update bilateral agreements and treaties.
  • It is a joint mechanism consisting experts and intellectuals from India and Nepal.
  • There are four members each from Nepalese and Indian sides in the group.
  • It is mandated to review various aspects of the bilateral relations including Nepal-India Friendship Treaty 1950 and provide suggestion on ways to reshape bilateral between the two countries.
  • In EPG, there are difference of opinion on important issues like border trade, tariffs, and the friendship treaty.
  • In meetings of EPG, Nepali side had presented facts regarding need to review Nepal-India Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1950 so as to update is as required by time and situation.
Outcome of EPG meetings:
  • During the last meeting, EPG successfully prepared joint report which will be submitted to Prime Ministers of both the countries.
  • It has agreed to update all the bilateral treaties and agreements reached in past between India and Nepal in line with the present reality of the two countries.
NOTE: It is an important aspect. Link it with China’s increased presence in India’s neighbourhood.

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