India-South Africa : Overview

  • South Africa is important because:
    • Developed nations in Africa
    • Can be called as gateway to Africa as it has clout over African politics
    • Resource rich
    • Indian diaspora present there
    • Partner in IBSA and BRICS
    • Democratic nation and historical ties with India
  • South Africa is a major player in defence production globally. So, India can be an attractive destination for it ¬†for manufacturing of defence equipment and platforms.
  • There is potential for India to ramp up cooperation in South Africa in trade and investment, especially in areas of minerals and mining, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and information technology
  • MoU signed for cooperation in the field of Tourism. South Africa is an emerging tourism source markets for India
  • MoU between India and South Africa for promoting bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)



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