India-Seychelles : Overview

Seychelles is strategically located in Indian Ocean

  • Defence cooperation has been the cornerstone of the relationship with cultural, trade and technical cooperation as other important areas
  • India helps Seychelles to patrol the Indian ocean.
  • PM visit to island nation have provided required energy to bilateral relations
  • In the recent past there has been an increased vigour with which the relationship is viewed. A part of it could be credited to the ensuring the energy and security needs of the country and of which the Indian ocean region is an integral part. A large part of sea borne trade and commerce is carried through it. Hence, to ensure the security, Seychelles provides base for Indian Naval ships to fight off pirates especially those of Somalia.
  • Seychelles economy is heavily dependent on tourism industry and substantial amount of Indian tourists visit this country every year,
  • Recently, China has announced that it will build its first African naval base in Djibouti.
  • In response to this, India has partnered with Seychelles to develop a naval base on the Assumption Island.
  • An improved and closer relationship with Seychelles also ensure that Chinese policy of encirclement is countered
  • Seychelles has cleared that it should not be called an Indian naval base, rather it is a Seychelles naval base built with support from India.
  • The mutual interest of both the countries lies in ¬†ensuring safety and security in the Indian Ocean.
  • Though Bilateral trade isn’t strong but still Seychelles can provide access to its EEZ. A stronger relationship will also ensure that India can setup its scientific base and can carry research on weather related phenomena , especially Monsoon



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