India-China Informal Summit

Informal Summit:
  • The first Informal Summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping was held in Wuhan.
  • The purpose of meeting was to exchange views on overarching issues of bilateral and global importance and to elaborate their respective visions and priorities for national development in context of current and future international situation.
Key Takeaway from the meeting
  • Both leaders agreed that simultaneous emergence of India and China as two large economies and major powers with strategic and decisional autonomy has implications of regional and global significance.
  • The peaceful, stable and balanced relations between them will be positive factor for stability amidst current global uncertainties.
  • They agreed proper management of bilateral relationship for conducive development and prosperity of region, and create conditions for the Asian Century.
  • They decided to strengthen Closer Development Partnership in mutually beneficial and sustainable manner.
  • They also agreed to issue strategic guidance to their forces and strengthen existing mechanisms to maintain peace and tranquillity along the border areas.
  • They highlighted importance of maintaining peace and tranquillity in all areas of India-China border region in larger interest of the overall development of bilateral relations.
  • PM Modi laid emphasis on importance of people-to-people (P2P) contact through STRENGTH:
    • S-Spirituality;
    • T-Tradition, Trade and Technology;
    • R-Relationship;
    • E-Entertainment (Art, Movies, etc.);
    • N-Nature conservation;
    • G-Games;
    • T-Tourism and
    • H-Health and Healing.
  • Chinese President Xi held that two countries should stand for multi-polar world order and globalisation.
  • He held that China and India are both important engines for global growth and they central pillars for promoting multi-polar and globalised world. So, good Sino-India relationship is important for maintaining peace and stability in world.

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