Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC)

What is Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC)?
Free and Prior informed consent means that the beneficiaries or people affected by a development scheme or a project are aware of the terms and conditions of the benefit and/or the effects it could have on their life and they make an informed choice approving of the plan or project
In which Indian Acts FPIC is incorporated?
  1. PESA act, provides for authority to gram sabhas, in granting clearance over certain types of projects, regulating activities like moneylending, leasing or selling of land, sale of tobacco and alcohol etc.
  2. FRA, 2006 provides forest community role in the conservation of forests, right over the community land. Any development work affecting forests or community resources are required to get prior permission from Gram sabhas.
  3. Consent clause under Land Acquisition Act, 2013
Why FPIC should be made central tenet of all development and welfare planning ?
  1. Deepening of democracy : more voice to people
  2. Sustainable development : balancing of rights of people with the developmental activities.
  3. Inclusive growth : incorporating interests and aspirations of all sections of society.
  4. Demand based development : instead of top imposed supply based development.
  5. Strengthening of accountability of the elected representatives to the people.
  6. FPIC reduce the chances of conflict between local population and govt authorities or authority for development project. These disputes are major setback for sustainable economic growth.

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