Fundamental Duties

Fundamental Duties:

    • Added by 42nd constitutional amendment act, 1976 based on the recommendation of Swaran Singh Committee
    • The Part IV-A of the constitution specifies 11 fundamental duties in Article 51-A
    • The 86th Constitutional Amendment Act of 2002 added 11th fundamental duty.
    • Unlike FRs, FDs are not legally enforceable.
What are some additional duties which can be added?
    1. Duty to Vote: Article 326 and RPA,1951 confers right to vote. But voter turnout remains low (~67% in last general election). This undermines democracy and legitimacy of elected government
    2. Duty to Pay Taxes: Tax gap is continuously increasing. Only ~4% pay taxes. This hampers social expenditure by government and thus impacts standard of living.
    3. Duty to help accident Victims
    4. Duty to keep neighbourhood clean
Related Questions:
    • “Adopted in 1976, the Fundamental Duties have been incorporated in the Constitution to remind every citizen that while enjoying their rights, they also need to be conscious of their duties.” Comment. (200 Words)



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