The e-Biz project is one of the 27 Mission Mode Projects under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) being executed by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It is G2B (government to business) model which will create a virtual interface between business men and the government.

e-Biz when implemented in its complete vision will transform business environment through following projected benefits:
  1. Enable entrepreneurs to submit one integrated application for multiple licenses and make a consolidated payment for the various licenses that they require
  2. Reduce the number of procedures and correspondingly the cost and time taken for obtaining approvals for starting and operating a business.
  3. Significantly improve the country’s position on the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking making the nation an investor friendly destination. Potentially improve the country’s Starting a Business ranking to 112 (a jump of over 20 positions).
  4. A world-class G2B portal that enhances India’s business competitiveness through a single, service oriented, event-driven interface for all G2B interactions.
  5. Integrated G2B Services across Central, State & Local Government & across all geographies in India.
  6. Currently, government of India has decided 10 pilot states in which they are going to execute the plan and will develop later in other states of India.
  7. The e-Biz portal will provide total 11 union government services to reach its purpose.
  8. Provide all information regarding business 24X7 on a single portal
  1. Technological capabilities of govt. staff,
  2. Business process re-engineering,
  3. Change in management etc.
  4. Accessibility of the internet in India.
  5. Concerns over security, fear of spam.
  6. Seamless implementation of project
Example: Delhi Government’s Swacch Delhi App –> people can upload picture of garbage and municipal workers will come to pick it up.
Write a critical note on Union government’s eBiz project. (200 Words)



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