White Paper

White paper is blue print presented for the Future policy , to gain the wider support and Consultations. It helps the government announce the Policies as in bill ,but without any draft Bill. Examples – White paper on Black money, White paper on Railways etc.

Often policies made may not give the intended result , Or Some of parameters may have missed by the individuals in making it . Various dimensions could well be covered if it be announced , before the actual bill
Meanwhile it gives time to government and raises the Customer/citizen Confidence and trust in the government that it is committed to work. Moreover it gives the Community and People participation through debates and seminars, announcement. If such well-planned policy will be enacted the less amendments will be required in the succeeding bill ,as the greater number of issue will be tackled and weeded out at first hand only.
Other Policy instrument may be making a draft bill and then placing in public domain to see the opinion of the People.
Some other policy instrument even before white paper was green paper. It is like for instance A governor in seminar discussing his/her views well before the Monetary policy so as to gather public views and express his Views, Similarly Government through  various Conferences public meeting, etc. may hint such policy actions . Which media can capture and raise such issue repeatedly in the Media domain. This will make conscious to the Public and they will have option to either support or oppose such policy views The Most important advantage.
A greater advantage of the Such Policy instrument is that since it helps the Union government to rise above the Amateur politics , in which opposition on legislation are driven mainly by vested interest . if such policy will gain momentum and support then it will be Easier for government to enact such policy swiftly and with ease.
In nutshell In democratic government such policy instrument helps the Policy to be people Centric rather Centre’s centric.
In 2015 railway budget, the railway minister presented before the parliament a White Paper on railways. What do you understand by ‘White Paper‘? Why is it presented by the government? Also examine how does it differ from other policy instruments of the government. (150 Words)



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