Discuss the factors contributing to rise in prevalence of diabetes in India, its effect on population and economy, and measures needed to prevent this disease. (200 Words)
Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, with no age limit fixed for its effect to start on the body. The various reasons for its prevalence include:
  1. Genetic susceptibility, i.e. hereditary passage of disease from one generation to another
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle, with over consumption of junk food, with lack of exercise
  3. Reduction in sleep also leads to type 2 diabetes, which is happening due to the present 24×7 schedule of work
  4. Pregnant women also run the risk of attracting due to pre-natal under nutrition
  5. Hypertension due to the stress of modern life
  6. Poverty, low education, and gender discrimination adversely affect the marginalised societies, leading to increase in spread
Effect on population and economy
  1. Diabetes imposes a large economic burden on the national healthcare system. Due to the physical lethargy caused by diabetes, individuals are not able to work properly after an early age. People with diagnosed diabetes, on average, have medical expenditures approximately twice than what expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes.
  2. Due to weakened immunity of the body, the organs start to degenerate earlier as compared to a healthy individual. It adversely affects the quality of life of the affected people with their family too.
Measures needed:
  1. Diabetes could largely be prevented by wider use of inexpensive generic medicines, simple tests and monitoring and can be a cost saving intervention.
  2. People should be made aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise
  3. Regular check on the sugar level can also prevent the extent f damage done to the body by diabetes
  4. The local hospitals should retain the data of the diabetics in the area, and regularly check-up on the health of the patients, to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.



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