Bicameral Legislature

Need of Two Houses
India is Union of States. The wisdom of having two houses affirms our Constitution as Federal in nature. Indian Constitutions has adopted many Westminster model features and Bicameral legislature with names Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is one among them.
Necessity of Two Houses:
  1. Rajya Sabha reflects a federal character by representing the units of the Union. While Lok Sabha represents spirit of people.
  2. Both Houses plays positive role in matters of Legislations.
  3. They check on abuses of democracy in their own defined jurisdictions.
  4. Two houses checks the tendency of Government to take populist measures under an unstable political Scenario.
  5. Rajya Sabha also poses a moral authority over a care taker government (when LS dissolves)
  6. Two vetoes (from two houses) on the matter of policies of Government give Democracy wider scope to become healthier.
  7. Second Chamber members are much different from Elected Member of Lok Sabha. Most of RS members are experts in their field, like businessmen, historians, journalist, actors, law expert, etc. they helps in ushering and presenting aspirations of all kind freedoms provided by constitution of India in the parliament
  8. The emergency situation when Lok Sabha is dissolved, only Rajya Sabha can take vital decisions in interest of nation and States. Example Kargil War (1999).
Two houses functioning in tandem because none is superior to other is real success of Representatives of People of India. Thus, diversity in India and the need for “Cooperative Federalism” justifies need of two houses in Indian Parliament.

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