Bezbaruah Committee

Committee was formed by Ministry of Home Affairs to recommend measures for safety and better integration of natives of North East states in rest of India.

Major recommendations:
  • New sections 153C and 509A in IPC 
  • The proposed Section153-C makes acts causing or likely to cause fear or feeling of insecurity among the northeastern community punishable with up to five years’ imprisonment
  • The proposed Section 509-A provides up to three years’ imprisonment for words, gesture or act intended to insult a member of anyrace
  • The Delhi Government will also be providing compensation and monetary assistance to the NE people under Delhi Victim Compensation Scheme 2011
  • Delhi police will recruit 20 police personnel, (10 male – 10 female) each from North East States; Police exchange programme
  • North East Special Unit at New Delhi
Note: Use this name in questions related to discrimination with NE people



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