Baluchistan Issue


  • Issue of Baluchistan was raised by our PM in his independence day speech
  • Baloch Mobile App: All India Radio launched a multi-media and mobile app for Balochi-speaking people in the Af-Pak region and other parts of the world. Can be seen as India’s efforts to reach out to the neighbourhood for a better people-to-people contact
Geography of Baluchistan:
  • Baluchistan is located in the South West of Pakistan and constitutes half of the country’s territory.
  • Demographically though it constitutes a mere 3.6% of the total population of Pakistan.
  • The province is home to over 13 million people, mostly Balochis.
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Why Baluchistan is important for Pakistan?
  • It is half the size of Pakistan
  • It is rich in natural resources like gas, oil, copper etc.
How it became part of Pakistan?
  • Prior to independence from British rule, the province of Baluchistan comprised of four princely states; Kalat, Lasbela, Kharan and Makran. Three months before Partition, Mohammad Ali Jinnah mooted an independent state of Kalat which would consist of all four princely states. Accordingly a communique, was released on August 11, 1947, which gave an independent sovereign status to Kalat.
  • By October of 1947, however, Jinnah changed his mind regarding the status of Kalat and voiced his demand for Kalat to formally join the state of Pakistan. The Khan of Kalat refused to let go off his independent sovereign status and a standstill pursued between two leaders regarding the status of present day Baluchistan.
  • On March 26, 1948, the Pakistan Army moved into Baluchistan and captured Kalat on April 1, 1948.
What is the root causes of the conflict between Baluchistan and Pakistan?
  • Unequal representation of Balochis in central politics of Pak
  • Interference of regional politics of Baluchistan by central government and military
  • Ethnic differences
  • Underdevelopment of Baluchistan despite being resource rich
  • Atrocities conducted by military and central forces
  • Terrorist organisations and Islamic Extremism
  • Gwadar port issue : Baluchis were not consulted. They are mostly side-lined in the development of surrounded areas also.
What is the significance of our PM’s remark?
  • India, till now, followed policy of non-interference (Panchsheel)
  • Pakistan often accused India of supporting Baluch Terrorism
  • PM’s remark taps on Pakistan internal insecurities
  • Baluchistan:Pakistan == Kashim: India. India is giving tit-for-tat to Pakistan which shows India’s increasing confidence in its foreign policy
  • Pakistan touted PM’s remark as a proof of their earlier claims of India supporting Baluch terrorism
  • Baluchistan leaders welcome these comment as it will bring the issue to international attention.



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