Quit India Movement

Critically examine why had it become necessary to launch Quit India movement in difficult conditions that prevailed at that time, when the possibility of brutal repression by the British was a certainty. (200 Words)

Quit India Movement was an evidence of change in perspective of Gandhi’s stance for struggle for independence. Reasons to start QIM:
  1. The Failure of Cripps mission and the high expectations it had aroused resulted in utter frustration and deep disgust at the perfidious behaviour of the British.
  2. Gandhi thought that if British left India, Japan may not be interested in invading India
  3. People were already restless because freedom was not yet in sight.
The call to tenants to not pay rent to pro-government landlords, and refusal to negotiate with the British for concessions were all evidence that Gandhi was in militant mood.
Gandhi understood that immediate complete independence should be the only solution to miseries of people due to war, and restrict Japanese aggression on India.
Gandhi repudiated the charges of violence and stated that the violence of the Government had forced people to resist violently.
Gandhi’s behaviour made people fearless to any sort of violent suppression. The slogan for “Do or Die” as an end game for independence added fire to aspirations of masses.
QIM justified that British could no longer count on the leaders looking for moderation and compromise and realized that only excessively brutal military strength could keep India in the empire.
Thus, though violent suppression was evident, Masses made British understand that their time in India was up