Religious Freedom – UPSC GS1

“Secularism is not a policy option for a government, but one of theĀ original principles that inform the Constitution.” In the light of growing religious intolerance in India and the government’s responseĀ to this, critically comment. (200 Words)
There is a difference between policy and Principle. Though Policy may change depending upon the interest of government However Principles do not change. In fact broadly speaking Policies are made in line to the Principle. For instance Government promoting Education to all, Housing to all or food act for that matter is based on principles of equality in access.
Similarly it also does not matter whether Principle are written or not . Secularism even when it was not stated in the Our Constitution was a part of our principles. The reason to it is that Constitution envisages Social justice, Liberty, fraternity ideas of French revolution.
Recent attack on the Church is not an attack to religion but an attack on the Constitution Principles. Government must take effective measures for Communal harmony, Provide platform for engagement of Different religious leaders . It should also taker Stern action post investigation of Perpetrators of religious Violence .
Unfortunately Law and order machinery were not registering the complaint of Vandalism in many of the cases . It is duty of a leader to come forward and assure
people for partial probe and shall warn such group spreading Communalism or religion chauvinism.
Pseudo Secularism, Hate Speech and other Political interest, caste based Politics are the things to be detached and should usher era of Mature politics based on development.

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