Press during Freedom Struggle

Critically examine how did the Press started by prominent Indians both in English and vernacular languages influence the freedom struggle. Also examine how the British reacted to this medium of national awakening. (200 Words)

From the beginning of the 19th century, politically conscious Indians had been attracted to modern civil rights, especially the freedom of the Press, Considering it as the chief instrument for carrying out education and formation of nationalist ideology. This is how press helped the freedom struggle :
Awakening the masses- Nearly all the major political controversies of the day were conducted through the Press. Newspapers would reach the remote villages and would then be read by a reader to tens of others.
Opposition to the government – Almost every act and every policy of the Government was subjected to sharp criticism.
Library culture – Libraries were opened and frequently used by the people.
Highlighting the freedom fighters – Press highlighted the ideologies and works of freedom fighters which helped them to reach to all section of people.
Helping INC – INC’s resolutions and proceedings had to be propagated through¬†newspapers.
Britishers soon realised the potential of press to ignite the agitation among Indians. Section 124 A was already there against the journalists because of which they cannot criticize government personnel’s directly.
Britishers arrested many Indian journalists and writers who opposed the government.
Vernacular press act provided for the confiscation of the printing press if the Government believed that it was publishing seditious materials. The Government amended a new Section 153A to the penal code, making it a criminal offence for anyone to attempt “to bring into contempt” the Government of India or to create hatred among different classes.
Press was responsible for arousing, training, mobilizing people and consolidating nationalist public opinion. The actions of Britishers against the freedom of press led to a nationwide protest and helped the freedom struggle



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