Mission Olympics 2024 – UPSC GS1

NITI Aayog has devised a short-term and medium-to-long term action plan to help India achieve 50 medals in 2024 summer Olympics

Short-term vision (4-8 years):
  • It envisages targeting a group of priority sports, organising sportspersons into three groups for each priority sport.
  • It seeks to harness the potential of regional and indigenous sports, selecting world-class coaches as well as a grading system for coaches.
  • It will also focus on a strengthening and scaling up of existing SAI training centres, sports injury insurance scheme, facilitating creation of sports academies for individual sports.
  • Under it, a digital database for sports will be created. Besides national sports code and sports Bill will be promoted.
Medium to long term vision (8-15 years):
  • It will focus on identifying talent at a young age, a dedicated training programme for coaches, having sports curriculum in schools
  • It will encourage development of sports infrastructure through PPP or private mode and developing a psychological and health support division.
  • It will stress on the consistent funding of contracts, promoting a culture of sports in the country and hosting international events in priority sports.
  • After each Olympics, a fixed 4-year contract will be signed between SAI and Group A sportspersons, keeping in mind their funding requirement for the next Olympics and other international events in between.



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