Modern Architecture – UPSC GS1

Do we have anything today as representative of Modern Architecture which could be compared with our old buildings? Critically examine. (200 Words)

The architecture practices of modern times were quite different from Indian old buildings but till share some common features.
The modern form of architecture was developed by the distinct and far more developed advanced British regime while the old buildings range from ancient India to the medieval Indian architecture.
The common features which they share are-
  1. use of stone. the immense use of stone was common in both cases. The modern rashtrapati bhavan and the medieval red fort of delhi and agra are example of it.
  2. glorification of the architecture. the architecture of modern and old times were equally glorified. They represent the pride of the ruling regime. the viceroy palace of shimla and the chola temples and taj mahal are the examples of the same.
  3. Vastness of architecture. They cover a huge area and height. The Rashtrapati Bhavan region covers north and south blocks too and similarly, the shahjahanabad and fatehpur sikri represent the vastness and height at the same time.
Besides these similarities, both type of architectures have many differences.
  1. the british style of architecture was dominant in recent times. eg- connaught place.
  2. more efforts were made for the living place architecture and not just for the glory of the regime. eg- lutyen’s delhi.
  3. the modern architecture was limited to Britishers only and Indians remain aloof but it wasn’t the case in old times. Indian people had main role in making of taj mahal.
  4. industrialisation changed the style of construction from hammer and chisel to latest technlogy.
  5. the thin designs and art of architects is missing in recent times. eg- dilwara jain temple.
Thus, though the representatives of modern architectures can be compared with old buildings in some way, but there distinct traits make them class apart and best in their own fields.



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