Write a note on the contribution of ancient Indian poets and writers to the field of mathematics. (200 Words)
Since the ancient times India is a land of great mathematicians and astronomers e.g. Aryabhatta, Bhaskracharya. These people contributed a lot in the mathematics but along with these many poets and writers have also been contributed in the field of mathematics-
  • In the Vedas there are different verses for simple calculation, this is known as Vedic mathematics. This mathematics has been developed by different scholars of Vedic age. With the use of Vedic maths very complex problem of maths can be solved within minutes.
  • Kalidas’s Kumarsambhave- This book also contains various mathematics terms which are used in India today e.g. Infinity (Anant), Guuna (Multiplication) etc.
  • Hemchandra (1050) A.D.- In his works he discovered Fibonacci series which is very important in many mathematical analysis.
  • Pingal’s Meruprastar- In this poetry there has been description of Pascal‘s triangle which was discovered after thousands of year later by Pascal.
  • Along with this there were many mathematicians who were not poet or writer but they wrote their works in form of book e.g. Aryabhatta- Aryabhattia and Suryasiddhant, Bhaskaracharya wrote Siddhant siromani.
Thus, Ancient Indian poets and writers contributed in the development of mathematics but there work were not given due credit because of lack of proper documentation and modern education which only glorified western scientists.



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