Home Rule League – UPSC GS1

The Home Rule League Movement, led by Lokamanya Tilak and Annie Besant, was less charged but more effective compared to other movements of the time. Examine how and why. (200 Words)

The Home Rule League had more impact on Indian national movement than contemporary movements like Gadhar. It brought a major transition in the objective of the movement. Earlier, the objectives were greater role for Indians in the institutions of state in moderate phase. The Home Rule movement, put Swaraj only the objective to be pursued by the movement and not less than that.
The Congress under moderate phase was not willing to expand the organisational reach and strength. The moderates opposed braches of Congress in village level and mohalla level. The Home Rule movement, independently expanded , even to the remote places. These organisational capacity is the major achievement of Home Rule league. Due to its reach, many new sections of the people came into contact with politics through library movements and magazines. These people got aware of ill effects of the colonialism. It helps in strengthening the notion of “we are Indians”. These strengths were later exploited by Gandhian Phase.
The Home Rule movement has less charge i.e., direct confrontation with the colonial government, than other movements like Gadhar. It happened only when Besant was put under house arrest. On the other hand, Gadhar movement was localised to few provinces like Bengal, Punjab and involved few sections with lot of revolutionary zeal, but couldn’t be done openly.
Thus, the Home rule league made great transitions in terms of objectives and organisational strength of the national movement and national building



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