Forest Based industries – UPSC GS1

Critically examine the locational pattern and trend of production of forest based industries in India. (200 Words)
Forest based industries deals with products that are obtained from forest like timber industries, paper industries, gum, tendu/tobacco/bidi making, match, sports good, plywood etc.
Location pattern and Trend of productions for Forest goods are:
Nearness to Consumption centre, Good transport, Availability of raw material which is pulp obtained from soft wood like bamboo, sabai grass, bagasse, straw, waste paper and salal wood. Power supply.
Still Indian paper industries uses traditional way of production because lack of large scale plants. Paper plants are scattered in numbers and are medium scaled hence, lack of innovation and technology.
Gum industries collect raw material directly from forest while their processing plants situated near to forest. Mostly tyre companies are also situated near to forest. Sulphur mining for vulcanisation process is also considered.
Tendu leaves/Tobacco/Bidi Industries;
Mostly these is done by tribal which consists of collecting leaves and passing it to
tobacco industries. Hence proximity to forest is important.
Match Industries:
soft wood, paper requirement are met by closeness to forest as well as market. But pollutions due to phosphorus and sulphur use is prevalent and in recent news.
Sports Goods Industries:
Such industries are mostly situated in Northern India and dependent on Himachal Pradesh, Shimla region for their specific wood requirement from forest. Also cheap labour requirement is met at mountainous region.
Plywood industries:
Located near to timber industries, because their raw material is low quality woods or discarded wood from bigger timber industries. Also cheap labor is required.

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