Gadar Movement – UPSC GS1

Do you think the Ghadarite movement was a failure considering they could not fulfil the objectives of their movement? Critically comment. (200 Words)

Success or failure of a movement will not always measured by its achievement or by its objectives. But by the deepening of nationalist consciousness , testing new strategies, secularism , egalitarianism and time bound executions of activities had contributed their share to freedom struggle which motivated further struggles which took place.
Some of the happenings in the movement:
  1. Ghadar, word itself is very clear without any doubts in heads of people that meant ” Revolt” and published as a weekly paper for free circulation which consists of Chittha (14 points) describing the harmful effects of British rule and even ended with the solutions to ignite the struggle.
  2. Movement shows its secular nature in every aspect by issuing its first copy in urdu , adopted bande mataram as rallying slogan in movement( though sikh community higher in movement) , Acceptance of Rash behari bose as leader.
  3. Independent india , objective of ghadar has been seen in each and every movement by them and exposing struggle to different parts of world by Har dayal is happend first time in history by giving references to german , mexican , etc.
  4. Ghadarites further they themselves transformed into communists and peasant leaders helped india in forwarding their struggle towards independence.
Because of underestimation of british’s strength , lack of organizational structure , Inconsistency of sustained leadership , Failure can be seen in hanging of ghadarities who were sentenced and many were life termed , but the success can be seen in every leader who struggled for independence and made it happened.



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