National Movement influence on India’s Foreign Policy

How did the national movement influence foreign policy and political norms of the post Independent India? Critically discuss. (200 Words)

Contribution to the political trends:
  1. Polity based on representative democracy and full range of civil liberties and popular sovereignty formed the basis of INM which later became the very essence of Indian Political Thinking
  2. The practice of Non-violence helped in forming the basic temper with which Indian political system was to function in future i.e. discussion, debate and persuasion backed by public opinion and tolerance towards political opponents
  3. INM opposed all kind of inequalities and discrimination based on caste, colour, gender etc. including evils of untouchability and helped create an egalitarian atmosphere which not only helped in securing reservation for SC/STs in constituent assembly but their overall upliftment.
  4. Secularism was a very basic tenet on which INM worked which later became the pillar of the Indian polity, society and culture
Contribution in foreign policy:
  1. India- against colonialism. India expedited the independence of Indonesia from the Dutch.
  2. India- against racism. India supported for the cause of racial equality in south Africa
  3. India- for independence in foreign policy – India stood independent even during cold war era. It took cooperation from other NAM countries. India took independent stand on international issues based upon its discretion but not upon compulsion. (Korean and Egypt crisis)
  4. India- for social justice and international peace. NAM promoted peace in international arena and Panchsheel promoted peace with neighbourhood. India has   been sending its peace keeping troops to UN. No first use is our nuclear policy.
  5. India- for ethics in international setting at various levels.- liberation of Bangladesh, financial assistance to comparatively less developed nations



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