Fascism – UPSC GS1

“Extreme nationalism of fascist variety has various faces in various┬ácountries, but it has everywhere in common characteristics.” Critically analyse. (200 Words)
The origin of Fascism in Rome has a changed the political discourse of the world in 20th century. With its extreme nationalism, Mussolini tried to create an army of people where everything is viewed from the prism of nationalism and every act done is related to it. Over a period of time this spread to other countries and is still relevant in today’s world after completion of 3 quarters of a century from its onset.
Hitler’s acts of nurturing Nazis, killing Jews, attacking communism etc. show the extremeness of nationalism which other nations of the day could not match. Though Italy’s version is in other aspects like community to do agriculture, bringing rapid national development, Germany’s version is of asserting its supremacy in racial and military aspects.
After the World War 2, the Bolsheviks have shown another form of nationalism with different ideological aspects which has workers as its national identity. From defeating Germany to building satellite states around them, the extreme form of nationalism is evident fueled by the assertion of supremacy of the west, resulted in Cold War.
The Great Leap of Mao in China also a form of nationalism where the communes wanted to elevate the country’s status and put it along with other powers and showed the aggressiveness in their work. This was an attempt using labour and in the process led to coercion and disastrous consequences.
The growth of RSS in post independent India is also an evidence of nationalism through religious aspirations.
Everywhere nationalism existed in extreme forms but its moderation to release the energies in a channeled way like a nuclear reactor will do greater benefit than sudden explosive activities like a nuclear bomb for the good of nations and the world at large.

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