Environment and Women – UPSC GS1

Write a critical note on why women are considered as an important factors in conservation of environment across the world. (200 Words)
Growing population and technological advancement are continuously putting a strain on the environment and world‘s natural resources, which calls for adoption of more methods of sustainable development. It has been seen that women have emerged as better proponents of environment as compared to men. This can be due to following reasons:
  • In search of a job, men migrate to cities and women have to take care for agriculture activities, which makes them cautious about natural resources availability
  • Women in most parts of the world still unemployed or do part time works. This makes them suitable for indulging in conservation works.
  • According to Eco-feminism, women are considered to be closer to nature then men.
  • Women take care of children, so they can better inculcate habits of environmental protection among children
  • Women are worst sufferers of environmental degradation. They will have to travel long distances for food, fuel, fodder. So keeping them as guards of environment is more effective
  • Family preferences depend upon women. So women can well counter the culture of consumption, which is majorly responsible for environment degradation.
The present indirect and voluntary approach can be bettered, so as to provide women with a clear path to conserve environment, by giving secure land rights to women, creation of talent pool in a locality, incentives to women groups doing their part well, etc.

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