Colonisation – UPSC GS1

Colonialism means the practice of acquiring colonies by conquest (or other means) and making them dependent.
The country which is subjugated by a metropolitan capitalist country is described as a colony, and what happens in a colony is colonialism.
In other words, Colonialism =the total system of imperialist domination of a pre-capitalist country.
Occupation / direct rule over a country by another country=not always an essential feature of imperialism
The essential feature= exploitation, with or without direct political control
Until recent years, most countries of Asia Africa and other parts of the world, where under the control of one or another imperialist country.
Imperialism refers, more broadly, to control or influence that is exercised either formally or informally, directly or indirectly, politically oreconomically
Colonialism usually implies formalpolitical control, involving territorialannexation and loss of sovereignty.
Imperialism is a specifically European phenomenon
colonialism is the system prevalent inthe colonies.
When we study imperialism we examine the impact of empire on the metropolis (home country)
Here we study impact of empire onthe colony.
In the present day world, almost all countries are politically independent, however the imperialist control has not come to an end.
Neo colonialism is the practice of (mainly economic) exploitation and domination of independent but economically backward countries, by the powerful countries.