Coastal Plains – UPSC GS1

Explain the differences between India’s eastern and western coastal plains. (150 Words)

The differences between India’s eastern & western coastal plains are as follows:
  1. Eastern coastal plains lie along India’s east coast and is washed by the Bay of Bengal. Western Coastal Plains, on the other hand, are washed by the Arabian Sea.
  2. While the WCP is intersected by the mountain ridges, ECP runs smoothly from North to South with a broad plain and a level surface.
  3. ECP (width 80-100 km) is wider than WCP (50-65 km). WCP are sometimes so narrow that Western Ghats touch the sea water.
  4. Large rivers make deltas on the ECP but short swift rivers do not form any deltas on the WC.
  5. EC is sandy with alluvium and slopes gently towards the sea. It is formed by fertile alluvial soil. Hence, experiences well developed agriculture. WC is relatively rocky with sand and sand dunes. It is mainly formed by coarse grained soil and thus is infertile. It slopes abruptly down to the sea.
  6. EC is smooth and unfit for making ports. But, WC is broken and indented for ports. Hence, large numbers of ports are along the WC.
  7. Heavy rainfall in WC as compared to EC.



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